Drifter – a person who is continually moving from place to place, without any fixed position.

Welcome to Drifter!

About 6 months ago I had an epiphany! I was reading a book I got for my birthday, Jon Acuff’s book Quitter, when I realized he was talking about me. Every sentence he mentioned about floating from job to job and never settling down to make your dream job happen was like someone slapping me on the back of the head and saying, “You hear that?!”. I got a taste for this idea, that I could be whatever I wanted in my life, and I had to have more. I went to visit some friends in Pennsylvania with my family and the epiphany continued. As my friend introduced me to Michael Hyatt’s books I realized that the dream job concept can extend to all areas of my life. Then and there Drifter was born: a blog about people like me coasting through life, not living up to their full potential because they feel held back by the idea that they can’t be that, or do that one thing they’ve always dreamed of—living to their full potential.



When I Grow up I’ll be….?

One of my early experiences in High School was when my guidance counselor took me into an office, sat me down in front of a computer and showed me this cool program designed to tell you what you should be when you grow up. Now this is in the 1990s, so computers were not common in homes, so the fact that it could tell me what job to focus on was mind blowing. She showed me how to answer the questions using the keyboard then she left the room. After a few minutes telling it what conditions I want to work in the results for my career came up 0. My guidance counselor told me that’s not a possible response. It took the test 3 more times: same answer.

Don’t Let Anything Steal Your Focus

Many times in life we’ll have a goal, make a plan, and get set to make it happen; then someone offers a negative criticism, something tragic or upsetting happens, or a computer tells you that you have no job prospects and we get discouraged to the point that we lose our motivation. Like a deflated balloon we no longer soar but flop down and miss out. As humans we are social people and when something happens outside of ourselves, good or bad, it can affect our mood if we let it. This can have short term and long term consequences, even to the point that it can change the way we think about ourselves and our life’s purpose. That day in high school convinced me I was unemployable. I wanted to be a writer, but suddenly believed it was impossible, and lots of people told me that same thing.
Why we’re here

Drifter is a place for us to learn to reach our potential, change our wrong thinking, and reach our goals together.

How have you struggled or succeeded in finding your dream job?


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