Is your J-O-B making you M-A-D?

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Chances are if you’re reading this post either you, someone in your family, or someone close to you is unhappy at work. According to a recent survey by the Gallup poll you are not alone! Around the world only 13% of employees are happy at their job.

Why so Glum Chum?

So why are so many people disappointed at work? Is it the way the boss treats you? Are you missing some of the resources you need to do your job well? Maybe your just not being challenged enough to hold your interest. Whatever the reason this is an epidemic that is sweeping our planet and affecting the economy of each nation. Unhappy employees make less quality products, don’t stick around long, are less productive and talk negatively about their company to family and friends. Honestly I think that most of us are just in the WRONG job. We’ve chosen our current job because we:

1.   Just needed the money
2.  It’s a legacy job, meaning we inherited it from someone else.
3.  We blindly chose it based on some loose idea as to what we thought it was.

If we really examine ourselves and know what kind of things make us happy we can have the job of our dreams, and if we work hard at being good at it we can even make a pretty decent living.

The Science of Work Happiness

Those of us are happy in our job, which has not always included me, usually have a few things going for them that the rest of us do not:

1.Your job takes your full concentration
–  If you’re job doesn’t require your mind to be completely engaged then it has the opportunity to wander. A focused mind is a happy mind.

2. You’ve got a clear set of guidelines so you know exactly what you have to do.

– This is my biggest pet peeve:  when I start a new job or a new task the training session has a tendency to be minimal, leaving a lot left unexplained. Somehow I am supposed to be great at my job when you barely told me how to do it! Or worse: you tell me what to do than change the rules! Ugh!

3. You’re so engaged in what you’re doing you forget about time, yourself, and the fact you’re actually working!
– Time flies when you’re having fun right? Did you know work can be fun? I’ve had a good time here and there, but some people actually have fun all the time—even when the day is rough and challenging. When your attitude about your job is dependent on who you are (instead of how you feel at the moment) you have a better time when you’re there.

If you could have any job in the world what job would it be? What would it take to get you there?

Since most of us will have to stick at our day jobs for a while here are some useful tips from one of my favorite sites The Art of Manliness: “How to deal with your day job”


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