Stop the drift! Find the true path to your dream job!

Charge the Hill–take the vest!

                Have you reached the point where the dream job you’ve always wanted is so real to you that you can taste it?  You might not have it yet, but you know it is coming.  You’ve been smart about preparing for this:  you’ve got an emergency fund of 3 – 6 months; you’ve either: volunteered, interned, or talked to someone (extensively!) about what it’s like to be in that job!  It’s a surreal experience when you find yourself in the state of mind to go for the dream job!

I’m Ready!  Now what?

                Well first, you need to be sure you are able to do well at the job you are trying for.  It’s fine to know about the job, but if you didn’t do the intern or volunteer gig, you should do a quick assessment of your skills.  If you don’t have what it takes to get a good footing in the job of your dreams you should really consider that volunteer/internship idea.  A wee bit of education via a local or online college might be a good idea.

                Second, give your résumé another look.  Make sure it has your current skills and education updated and that your current job experience is listed.  Give your résumé the kind of face lift (an honest adjustment by the way) that matches what kind of job you are looking for.  This will make it easier for you to get hits on career search sites.

A long and winding road

                My career seems like an odd assortment of jobs whenever I look at it.  If I go back far enough the progression of it looks like this:

                (1) Paperboy

                (2) Pizza Place

                (3) Teacher’s aide

                (4) Children’s Museum worker

                (5) Substitute Teacher

                (6) Librarian

                (7) Substitute

                (8) Librarian

                And all I wanted to be during each and every one of these jobs was a writer.  The winding path that I have travelled on during those eight steps seems like a stumbling, unfocused, person.  Most—if not all—of these jobs are off from the actual act of being a writer.

                The funny, and somewhat sad part, is that the only person who told me I could never have it was me.

                How about you?  What career drifting have you done on the path to your dream job?  Feel free to respond whether you have your dream job, are just getting started, or find yourself somewhere in between.  I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Stop the drift! Find the true path to your dream job!

  1. Career drifting…nice term. I’ve done my share: cocktail waitress, museum worker, corporate gig, non-profit management. All have been good learning experiences but it took me a while to see the underlying themes and embrace my strength as a people manager.

    • It’s important to connect the dots like you say: how does paperboy, pizza maker, teacher’s aide, youth leader, librarian, fit together? What common underlying factor made me choose all those? When we understand the connection it makes us more efficient in choosing what goal to pursue with our lives.

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