What Dave, Jon, Mike, Stan, Martha, Thom, Joani, and John Taught me that Jesus wanted me to know.

I thought I’d list a few of my favorite books that have inspired and motivated me in the last seven months.

This list is a selection of what helped me change the way I’ve thought about my career path, about who I am and who I can become.  They’ve changed the way I think, each in their own way.

The most influential book in my entire life is the Bible.  It has the answers for everything that confuses and perplexes us.  It can turn our hearts and our lives around so that we have a clearer connection to the real purpose for our life straight from the one who designed us.

As for the books that I have been reading in the past six months: it all started with a book my youth pastor gave me a long time ago but I just got around to reading (sorry it took so long Jeff!).

                                Be all you can be by John Maxwell.  This book reminded me that my life isn’t just about what I want but about being steadfast in living out the specific purpose for what I was designed.  It also reminded me that my life isn’t just about surviving but living with purpose and intent!

Shortly after my wife and I signed up for Financial Peace University and Dave Ramsey told us all about how to handle money God’s way.  With things getting better financially the freedom from those concerns really began to open my eyes to the will of God in my life.

The next book for me was Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which taught me how to live my life intentionally following God’s plan and choosing to be involved instead of waiting for something to happen.

However, I still had some stuff to work out emotionally—holdovers from my “wonder years”.  To get rid of my defeatist attitude and be able to apply what I was learning from The Bible and these other books I read: Life without Fear by Mike Fehlauer-here I learned that the fear in my life is largely from an unthankful heart; God has never failed me by Stan Toler and Martha Bolton—here I was reminded that God isn’t going to get tired or tired of me, but wants me to achieve what’s best for me—and who knows better than The One who knows everything?

Another great book is Thom & Joani Schulz book Why nobody learns much of anything at church: and how to fix it where I learned to take my own spiritual education more seriously.

The last one I want to mention is Quitter by Jon Acuff.  This book taught me that I can have the job I’ve always dreamed of, but reminded me that I don’t get it from wishful thinking. I actually have to—GASP—work for it!

So now I’m wondering what all you other book junkies have been inspired by in your quest to reach your dream job and finally be the YOU that you were created to be.  Feel free to comment and share below!


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