Don’t leave your dream job up to an online quiz–make the choice; make the plan!

                Guess what!  Career tests online aren’t the best judge of what career you should have!  I know this is one of those “uh-duh” sentences, but how many times have we all sat in front of our computer after a frustrating day or week and filled one of those out?  While those tests are designed to provide answers they data they are using are how you feel at a particular moment on a particular day.  Considering, when we take them, we’re usually frustrated—not exactly the best possible data.

                If we were to take them with a clear mind on a relaxing day where everything seems wonderful we might get a career that we would truly consider.  Of course, in those moments, we start to tell ourselves it’s too late: that we’ve missed the boat because we’re too old, or deeply entrenched in our current career.  After all, what responsible adult quits his job when he has family and obligations?

A Dream Job is a Wish your Heart Makes

                Truth is: it’s totally possible!  As long as you handle your career change intelligently and carefully you can make the switch.

                Here’s a list of things to consider before quitting your current job and launching into a more rewarding line of work.

                (1)  There is such a thing as too many choices.

                                Sure, “Sky’s the limit” sounds very positive, but if you don’t narrow your focus to the things that you actually enjoy and feel like you could reasonably handle with some success then too many choices will bog you down and you will be too afraid to start.

                (2)  When you narrow your focus think about how to get started.

                                Jumping all in isn’t always the best plan.  In fact, it’s hardly ever the best plan.  Taking the plunge into a career you don’t understand is a sure fire way to crash and burn.  Instead ease into the your new job/career a bit more slowly.  Find a way to experience the job (either volunteer work, interview someone in that line of work, etc.) before you decide to quit the job that funds your life.  This will help you decide if you can actually make this job workable for the rest of your life.

                (3) Just before you get started think back on your current career. 

How do you act and react at in your current position?  How do you feel about your

boss? Co-workers? Clients?  If there are ill-feelings that can be traced back to perceived (or imagined) attitudes that you have you may want to examine those, find ways to deal with them and adjust your work personality.  In other words: if there are issues you’re having at work that can be traced back to you, the last thing you want to do is bring them into your new job.


                (4) Last, but not least: have a safety net!

                                The last thing anyone of us would want to happen is for our new career and potential dream job to not pan out.  However, it could happen and we need to be ready for that.  Having an emergency fund of 3-6 months of expenses  is an absolute must if you’re going to pursue your dream job.  FYI: an emergency fund is not 3-6 months of income; it’s the amount of money you need to keep your family clothed, fed, housed, transportable, and to keep the lights, water, and heat on.

                When you are ready to jump in to that new career, here’s a helpful link from one of my favorite blogs to give a good foundation in your new job:


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