Drifting across state lines


In Summer!

As summer draws to a close a resounding cheer builds up across the entire nation!  It begins as a whisper, leads up to a dull roar then explodes into a blast of shouts and screams as Summer vacation arrives!  Yes, the teachers run screaming for the pool, their vacation trips, and everything else that they love to do with their time off.  Oh, and the kids are probably excited, too.

End of the year recap

As my own school year draws to a close and I finish my last set of classes I think back on the year: the challenges, the triumphs, but most importantly the changes that I’ve noticed in my own life.  I feel more confident; I feel like my life has more purpose because I am being more purposeful with my life.   As is no secret if you are a regular reader of this blog I am a drifter (or was!): someone who wanders through life wherever the wind takes him.  For a season I drifted along in teaching, something my family has been doing for generations.

Changes, Changes

What I’ve learned this year while putting my life plan together is that teaching is not a hereditary trait.  No gene is marked for this particular career.  When I sit down and think about my life, my personality, and which parts of teaching I enjoy the most—I realize that I don’t enjoy being a teacher as much as I should. 

It’s funny because it seems like I should: I enjoy working with people (children and adults), I like teaching and helping people gather information for the things they need to work on, but the education business has changed a lot!  It’s more about the test results than actually educating people about the stuff that matters.  It’s a source of stress for a lot of teachers and administrators but there seems to be no end in sight.  Now that Common Core has been thrown into the mix it seems as though the waters have been muddied even more.

Moving On

It’s time for this former drifter to make a drastic change.  I’m switching careers to something more in tune with my own goals and desires to help others.  My family and I area trusting in Christ that He will lead us to a different place (yes, we’re moving!)  and going wherever He leads.  New house, new neighborhood, new career: a drastic change as I seek to be more purposeful and effective with my life, and as we as a family seek to follow God’s plan for our families life!

What plans to be a better you will you pursue this summer?



Common Core Controversy: Parents Opt For Homeschooling Route

Homeschoolers and the Common Core: who’s side are you on? Is there a side to be on, or is it the same argument?


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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-Some parents are deciding to pull their children out of area public schools as debate over the controversial Common Core program continues to heat up.

The small but growing number of north Alabama families who are making the decision to homeschool their children comes as state lawmakers prepare to debate a bill that would allow Alabama school systems to opt-out of Common Core (http://whnt.com/2014/03/05/bill-in-works-that-would-allow-common-core-opt-out-for-schools/). Several parents have expressed their intention to withdraw their children from school on WHNT News 19’s social media sites in recent weeks, with one Muscle Shoals woman planning to make the move official on Friday.

“It [Common Core] has caused chaos in our house, and it’s not worth it,” said Lori Peden, who will formally withdraw two of her children from McBride Elementary in Muscle Shoals on Friday. “It’s a huge change at once.”

Peden is already homeschooling her 9-year-old son Jake…

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